Something I liked….Everyday Stranger said: “Don’t stress about the next part of your life, be it job promotion, meeting the perfect person, getting pregnant, or watching your kids grow. Don’t re-read old love letters and weep for what has gone. Don’t shake the Magic 8 Ball to ask what is next.”

This is something I feel I can relate to. In a few past entries, I talked about things in my past that I had regret for and that I wished I could change and how I knew that I needed to just forget it because I couldn’t do anything about it so I should just stop feeling sorry for myself and move on. I have been thinking a little about this lately, and I can say that I feel I have moved on. Not moved on in the sense that I would tell myself a little lie about being okay, but in the back of my mind I would replay that regretted moment and cry inside because of the shame I felt. I don’t want this to affect me anymore, it’s not a part of me anymore, it’s a part of the old me that I can let go. What Everday Stranger said reaffirmed my thoughts and gave me a feeling that I can finally have some closure. Feels good !! 🙂 ..


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