No comparisons or analogies are possible in this causeless, relationless state.
No relationships! As soon as we have relationship, we are already split, already in duality. The relationless state, that is true communion…to be in unity, without boundary, without any barrier, without defense. Some come into interview with all kinds of defense up to protect from wat? Whois goin to hurt you? Who is going to take advantage of you? If there are two in the room, certainly it is possible. If there’s only one, it’s impossible. From whom are we protecting ourselves?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have no fear? That’s the greatest gift: no fear!!!!! When you truly realize wat it is, then there’s no fear, nothing to hurt you, nothing to destroy you. Nothing can take your life, coz ur life is unborn, therefore undying. All the rest is a dream………………

Do not prefer clarity over confusion, peace over conflict. Do not prefer pleasure over pain, happiness over unhappiness. Did you ever notice that people who want the most to be happy are always the most unhappy? they always say, “I want to be happy, but i never am.” The people who do not care about happiness, who just work hard and do wat they need to do, always seem to be happy.It is the same thing with people who want to be at peace. More than anything they want peace of mind, but their minds are always in conflict. They keep seeking greater peace and getting more conflict. Do not hold on to these discriminations and distinctions.


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