I went on few days to Norway together with my close friend, Melati, her sister, Mona and the boyfriend of her sister, Luck, and we had a great time.

Here some pictures i would like to share with you guys….

What amazed me most during our holiday in Norway was the beautiful landscapes we came upon; like this one. It made us aware of how beautiful nature can still be if we preserve it and don’t polute it.

Top: Heddal Stave Church, taken summer ’05 during my first Norway visit.

Heddal Stave Church is Norway’s largest stave church, and has been called “a Gothic cathedral in wood”. It was built during the 12th or 13th Century and the beautifully carved doors of the Church are representative of the flourishing period in the history of Heitradali, the old name for Heddal. The interior is decorated with traditional “rosemaling” and representations of the apostles.

Top: Oseberg ship – In 1904 archaeologists opened the grave where the Oseberg ship was found along the remains of two women and a large number of artifacts. About 90 per cent of the 20-m (72ft) long ship is of original wood.

Top: Vigeland Sculpture Park, Gustav Vigeland was a Norwegian sculptor who was given a whole park to design. I usually find sculpture boring, but Vigeland blew me away 🙂

Well, it is a park includes 212 sculptures made by the artist and sculptor, Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). I’m not sure how the project came about but Gustav Vigeland teamed up with the city of Oslo and he got a house and a studio and in return he made sculptures for the park. Gustav Vigeland himself never got to see the park finished before he died by the way.

Well I hope you enjoy my blog.

Gros Bisous..


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