Mixed by

Marcus Intalex

This album has quickly become a classic for me. It is truely incredible and puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it through. The mixing is perfect slicing between tracks without the listener evening realising. This is a seductive mix laden with deep, hypnotic grooves & sweeping melodies. Marcus Intalex will open the closed eyes of those so quick to dismiss D&B as unmusical. Any listener will fall helpless to the groove-led mix, even the stiffest of hips will sway & the most sceptical heads will nod along as the bass rolls over impeccably smooth & artistic mixes. This is an amazing package. If you’re indeed new to drum&bass, this is a wicked introduction. And if you’re a fan, this is the chance to revel in an amazingly put together package of some of the labels best tunes.

01. Calibre ft. Lariman – Over Reaction 4:14
02. Calibre – All The Days 2:13
03. Lynx ft. Kemo – Global Enemies 4:25
04. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) 4:24
05. Jonny L – Come Here 4:03
06. Amaning vs. Dubwise – Smash V.I.P. 2:57
07. Soulmatic – Self Belief 2:33
08. Calibre ft. DRS – Hustlinĺ 4:37
09. Calibre – Mr Right On 2:13
10. Deadly Habit – Synesthesia (Theory Remix) 5:42
11. Breakage – Clarendon 5:42
12. Alix Perez and Lynx – Allegiance 4:25
13. Zero Tolerance ft. Steo – Refusal 3:40
14. Mistical – Time To Fly 2:57
15. Duo Infernale – Feeling Blue 5:31
16. Instra:mental – Pacific Heights 3:40
17. Bango Collective ft. Kemo and Dennis Jones – Apocalypse 3:52
18. Mistical – Groove Me 4:58
19. Alix Perez and Sabre – Solitary Native 5:11

Signing off,


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