Written on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The high school reunion was a total blast last weekend. It was great to be reunited with old friends once again. The reunion took place in Bunga Villa, a beautiful villa which has got 6 bedrooms. It’s located in a lovely and quiet area in Lembang, Bandung making it one of the best. We started out Saturday night with a filling barbeque dinner. Not all of alumni from my grade were there, so it just meant more food for the rest of us! Thank you to everyone who participated!

After dinner, found us back in the 2nd floor for more fun. Just being together, talking, swapping stories, looking at pictures and getting reacquainted after what, say 4 or 5 years. The reunion continued with a quiz game, which all the questions are about what happened in the past (remembering the good old days). Everybody was going crazy, laughing, singing, screaming, even jumping. It is called the joys of seeing old friends after years of being apart. It was so much fun. We generally stayed up late until 6 o’clock in the morning.

Sunday morning woke up to a beautiful sight. We had fried noodles for lunch; I know it’s so typical for Asian people (thanks to Ebha and Vera for making the breakfast for us). The day ended very fast. Surprisingly the reunion ended up being a hit and everything went very smoothly.

Somewhere between reuniting with old friends, getting reacquainted, and playing games, I came to a new view of how much energy people waste on thinking about what other people think about them. In the end, though, the time and friendship are most important. If you know what I mean 😉

Oh well, hope everyone had a great time at the reunion!

And those of you who were not able to be with us, we truly missed you. Hope you can join us at our next Reunion in 2009. Here’s looking forward to seeing you then in another beautiful place.

Below is summary of the alumni who attended the reunion:

• Adhitya Tanaya
• Anastasia Matulessi
• Anugrah Febri Lengkong
• Bachtiar Sibarani
• Charles Nainggolan
• Erick Rambe
• Fiftha Selbadia
• Harry Mertan
• Mahdytiara Handasari
• Marchelin Tangka
• Maria Agnes Ratih Ipw
• Mylda Sadrach
• Novena Angela Kewas
• Novliany Sionita Simanulang
• Rezky Saputra
• Rifky Khuzaifah Marish
• Riska Astrina
• Shirley Magdalena Tangkilisan
• Wandany Sagala
• Yuriko
• Yusuf Novarianto Aska
Thank you everyone for a fabulous reunion weekend!
Signing off,

2 thoughts on “High School Reunion

  1. I love u too myldaaaaa,,,,
    Baru baca blog iniii, ini jg dptnya dr tmn gw yg lo ga pernah kenal hahaha
    Kangen kalian semuaaaaa :* :*

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