This year, I spent my summer holiday traveling to the South part of Europe with my good friend, Moureen. We finally decided to do our first backpacking trip across South Europe for two weeks. Originally, we planned to visit 8 different cities, but unfortunately we could only manage to visit 6 cities because of the limited time and budget.

Day 1

We flew from Schipol Airport, Amsterdam non-stop to Palma de Mallorca in 2 hours early Sunday morning. We arrived at Palma de Mallorca International Airport (PMI)approx 8 o’clock in the morning. Palma de Mallorca International Airport (PMI) is the largest airport on the Spanish Island of Majorca. It is the third largest airport in Spain, after MAD and BCN, and it serves the city of Palma, which is, located some 8km away.

As soon as we arrive, we decided to head out in search of a place to get coffee. After having our morning coffee, we took a cab to Alcudia city, which took us about 45 minutes drive from the airport. A ride to Alcudia city should normally cost about €75 to €80. We stayed at the Hostal Calma (http://www.hostalcalma.com

/) during our trip to Mallorca. This friendly hostel with its familiar atmosphere is situated in the centre of Puerto de Alcudia in the beautiful north of the island. Puerto de Alcúdia is a large sprawling resort that lines the northern part of the bay of Alcúdia. Only a short walking distance away (200m) from the hostel you find the picturesque yacht harbor and the turquoise colored sea with its 12km long sandy beach. The main beach in Puerto Alcudia is one of the finest to be found in the whole Mediterranean, and it boasts a multitude of bars, restaurants and shops.

The people who worked at the hostel are amazing, amazingly helpful bi-lingual staff. The room is just like a hotel room in very affordable price. They also have a place where you can cook and buy drinks. After we took our stuff to the hostel, we headed straight to Alcudia beach and swam slept and generally lazed around until 13:00 a fantastic day with just a hint of a breeze.

After spending three hours under the sun on the beach, we headed back to the hostel for some rest before an evening. After we had showered and freshened up, we headed out to dinner atBodega d’es Port (http://bodegadesport.com/e

n/carta.html), a massive cellar-style place offering tapas, Mallorquin dishes and some very impressive looking grilled meats. The view over the harbor at night, the rustic charm of the restaurant, the friendly waiters and the fantastic food at an affordable price combine to make an excellent venue for a lovely meal out. The place is decorated in Spanish style with wine barrels, bull-fight posters (toilets are labeled toreros & toreras! Ladies you are toreras!). At the back is one of those massive blown up old photos of old Alcudia. I would especially recommend the seafood paella, one of the best paellas I have ever eaten, and a glass of Sangria.

After a late dinner, we strolled around the harbor, stopped in some shops, and enjoyed a typical traditional Majorcan dance, performed by the local people. Along the harbor was a long stretch of restaurants and shops. We saw English menu everywhere. In fact, we saw English flag flying high in some restaurants. If we have not been to Mallorca and if we were to be magically put into this beach resort, we would not have thought that Mallorca is a Spanish territory. After walking around the harbor, we headed back to the hostel to get some much-needed sleep, so that we could continue the journey the next morning.

To be continued…

Signing off,


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