Day 2

The following day we woke up early for a good breakfast and the coffee was steaming hot. We were very excited about our day excursion. In the first part of excursion we visited the Majorica Pearl factory (http://www.majorica.com/) where we were be able to enjoy seeing the whole manufacturing procces of the pearls, which no doubt has been one of the companies instrumental in bringing fame to the Mallorca island.

Later on the tour took us to the east coast of Majorca, to the charming little fishing village of Porto Cristo, where the Caves of Drach (Cuevas del Drach) (http://www.cuevasdeldrach.

com/)are situated and which contain some wonderful rock formations, all cleverly illuminated. The Caves are fantastic and are home to one of the world’s largest underground lakes called Lago de Martel .The caves consist of 12 main areas and other area such as the Black Cave, the White Cave, and the Luis Salvator Cave. On of the great things about visiting the caves was the classical music concert which is given by the musicians floating across the lake in boats and the beautiful lights creates the most amazing atmosphere and as you reach the end of the walk you end at the famous Martel Lake which is impressive as well.

After the caves, we visited the Hill of Falcons(Torre del Serral dels Falcons). Torre del Serral dels Falcons watchtower built in 1577 used to send visual messages. It was part of a net of coastal defence towers that announced the presence of pirates.

Our next stop after the Hill of Falcons was Cala Mandia, situated on the east coast of Majorca close to Porto Cristo. We were amazed to be able to see through the clear blue waters. Cala Mandia lies around a pretty bay with clear blue waters. The bay is a deep inlet offering shelter to its long stretch of sandy beach.

After visiting Cala Mandia, we headed into the town of Porto Cristo to grab a bite to eat and have a wander around. Later on the tour took us to Manacor for free liquor testing. Wohooo!! We were fortunate enough to be able to taste 20 different liquors.

The last excursion was Cala San Vicente. We took a stroll around the beautiful beaches and coves at Cala San Vicente on the north coast of Mallorca. Cala San Vicente really is a great place to spend your day! See the beautiful seas around Cala San Vicente. After a long day of exploring the island of Mallorca, we headed back to Port d’Alcudia and we ended our long day chilling and having a late dinner at the Las Sirenas, located in the heart of Port d’Alcúdia in the pedestrian precinct of the marina, a classy restaurant with a terrace looking out over the yachts in the port.

To be continued…

Signing off,


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