Day 3

The following morning we decided to head toSóller. Sóller is an old and idyllic town located in a beautiful valley on the Northwest coast of the island of Mallorca. Sóller is one of the most relaxed and enjoyable towns on the island, with its 19th century merchant’s houses and lovely squares. It can be reached on a vintage train ride from Palma the capital of Mallorca, which winds its .way through the old town’s narrow streets, taking us down to the increasingly fashionable Port de Sóller.

We spent a lovely couple of hours walking through the town, sitting and enjoying our morning coffee and the scene in the shady square. After spending pleasant time in the town of Sóller, we headed back to Palma to catch our flight to Ibiza.

After the 40:00min flight we started our descent into Ibiza. We arrived at Ibiza airport and we seriously couldn’t get the smiles off our faces. As soon as we got off the plane, we headed off to our hostel. We stayed at Hostel Rosalia(http://www.hostalrosalia.c

om/en/index.htm), which is located 25 minutes away from Ibiza airport, on the western coast of the island. This hostel offers central location in the tourist area of San Antonio and is only around a 5-minute walk from the beach.

After resting up a bit, we headed down to the harbor for some good meal. After our wonderful meal, we decided to wander around the city for a little while longer. By later that night, it was time to hit up some music club. It was our first night in Ibiza and we wanted to go out big! Where should we head to but of course PACHA!(http://www.pacha.com/) where world famous DJ Fedde Le Grand played an amazing electronic set. Pacha nightclub was totally happening and the vibes kept you dancing all night and into the morning hours. Pacha is filled with several rooms, all-winding around making the place a labyrinth of fun and fantasy. We automatically felt comfortable as soon as we entered the place, with its clean, colorful feel inside and out. The dance floor itself isn’t very big, but people danced everywhere.

The other thing that surprises people when they go to the clubs in Ibiza is the price of the drinks when you are in there. If all you want is a bottle of water you can expect to pay €8 for one bottle in most of the clubs. Beer and spirits are more expensive than that, Your probably looking at €20 for 2 beers. Because of this I would always advise having a few drinks before you go to the clubs. The bar prices will leave you skint!

Day 4

The following morning I awoke with a hangover and not feeling the best but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and I was only gonna be in Ibiza once in my life. In the morning we had to check out but our flights were not till midnight so we did the check out thing then we both decided to do some sightseeing.

We took two of the boat trips from San Antonio. The best ever 17 Euros spent for each trip. The first boat trip, we took a boat trip on a glass-bottomed boat one round the island. It tracked along the coast and passed close to some of the small bays and caves south of San Antonio Bay. When in shallower water the boat slowed and we had the chance to go down into the hulls and looked underwater at the seabed, fish, rocks, etc. I loved the whole trip and found it really relaxing with free champagne. Sorry, don’t know the name of the boat but there are lots to choose from in San Antonio.

The second boat trip, we took the sunset boat trip “Chill Boat”, which was very good! It was a last min decision. The boat ride took about 3 hours and before the sunset we stopped for about 45 minutes of snorkeling and playing with the fishes at a nice and beautiful beach. Luckily the beach was crystal blue and the water was the perfect temperature. After been taking on a tour round the island we stopped and watched the sunset go down while drinking AGAIN free Mojito. What such a beautiful feeling!! I have travelled all over the world but this was an ultimate experience. This boat trip combines heavenly sunset with relaxed people and chill-out music.

We headed to the airport afterwards to catch our flight to Sevilla, the next destination on our trip. Ibiza is well set up to cater for their needs, the beautiful beaches offering the ideal place to sizzle and snooze in the sunshine, and the nightclub and bar scene buzzing from dusk to dawn. Well it’s true what they say about Ibiza being the wild one: This island is as crazy as you want it to be or as lazy as you wish. How much did we love Ibiza? We loved Ibiza plenty! What’s not to love about this island? The weather was beautiful, the beach was relaxing, we delighted in making new friends, the drinks were cold and the nightlife was hot! In short, Ibiza did not disappoint, in fact, it exceeded our expectations.

To be continued…

Signing off,


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