It’s a dirty job. But hey, somebody’s gotta do it!

This year my friends and I spent our best Easter holiday doing the cleaning work at Pasar Malam Indonesia ( Indonesian culture festival). Its really interesting to get the inside scoop on the hard aches of being a garbage man.

Garbage collectors, garbage men (or whatever you call them) are people we take for granted. What I mean here is, they are there but they pass you by and you pretend they are part of the urban furniture. In fact, most people don’t think much about their garbage men. People just don’t realize how hard these guys work. Who can take your trash out, stuff it down for you, shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingy too? The garbage men can! The garbage men come by each week to collect our trash then leave the bins back on the curb. They pick up all your crap and make the world look good! they are people who deserve the utmost appreciation and respect.

There are many jobs that do to be honored, for instance, garbage collectors and anything to do with septic cleaner. Do you know how much these folks make an hour? I am always impressed by the large numbers of cleaners I see in this world. Being a garbage man is not as easy as we think. Imagine what kind of quality of life we would have without these services. I am extremely grateful and have great respect for anyone who can do the job.

good job, people! (:

p.s.: We suggest you to go out and experience all of the other dirty jobs of the world. seriously!

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